Currently, all of my work besides this portfolio has been completed in a school setting. I hope to get an internship through Knacktive in order to get more professional experience. Creating designs, UX, photography, and video/audio are four topics within media that I am very interested in.



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For a Media Design class, I recreated the home page of a website that had bad design practices. In hopes of improving user experience, I created this page using InDesign. The second image is the original site page.


I am experienced in portrait photography and have taken pictures for events such as weddings and graduation. To see more photos, go to my photography page.

 Web Development

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The first image above is a redesign of ArtsTech’s home page. I used neutral colors and organized the information to make the design aesthetically pleasing for the user. The second image is the company’s current site, which is cluttered with images and information.