Note: All of the following projects were created at Northwest Missouri State University in order to get comfortable using HTML/CSS or Adobe Programs. They were not actually published by each client and just are to display my ideas.

home page
For a Web Development class, I created a website from scratch alongside two others using HTML and CSS. Click on the image to view the site from a server.
Above is a double truck that I created using InDesign for a Media Design class. My favorite thing about this project is how I organized the images on the page.
CD design
For an Advanced Design class, I created a CD cover for Hillsong Young and Free. I experimented with transparencies in the background to make the foreground text legible.
contents page
In an Advanced Design class, I created this Table of Contents page. It is organized; however, it is unique because of the overlapping images in the design.
For a Media Design class, I was given the task of recreating the home page of a website that had bad design practices. I chose MoJo Yogurt and designed a new home page using InDesign.
For this project, I used Illustrator to create an infographic about Snapchat. I found statistics online and put them together using maps, charts, and graphs.