Note: All of the following projects were created at Northwest Missouri State University in order to get comfortable using Adobe Programs. They are situational designs meant to display my ideas.

In Typography, I created two unique visual compositions using only my first and last initials. While both projects are drastically different, they are balanced and use the design principle of movement to draw the eye throughout each page.

Above are samples from a deck of cards I designed in a Typography Class. I used varying transparencies and strokes to create contrast across the deck.

CD design
For an Advanced Design class, I created a CD cover for Hillsong Young and Free. I experimented with transparencies in the background to make the foreground text legible.
Above is a double truck that I made using InDesign for a Media Design class. The dominant image, colorful type, and bleeding images create balance between the two pages.
contents page
In Advanced Design, I created this Table of Contents page. I used type hierarchy and different image sizes to create variety.