Above is the wireframe and prototype for Mojo Yogurt. Some ideas changed between these steps, but the final product was organized and easy for the user to understand.

Usability Analysis Based on Field Testing   (full essay)

For a whole semester, I studied chefd.com in a Web Publishing Course. For one assignment, we had to complete two usability tests and find design elements that could be improved upon for the current site. My users were frustrated that they had to go to each individual product page to find any information on the site. To solve this problem, I created a horizontal filter bar that would alter each user’s meal choices based on preferences such as nutrition, difficulty, time, etc.



last chefd

SEO for Chef’d  (full essay)

Alongside a partner, I did keyword research for Chefd.com. However, we also made recomendations for improvement on the site that could also improve the experience of the user. We looked at Chef’d’s “lighter options” page for this assignment and realized that the company made no indication as to what criteria made a meal a “light option.” So, we came up with the solution of adding help text for those users who would not know what terms like this meant on the site.